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BNXN ‘buju’ and Ruger clash over shade

Nigerian artiste, daniel benson popularly known as BNXN has taken to his social media once again to blast his colleague, Ruger after he threw shade at him for promoting his songs through tik tok and social media influencers.

The media banter occured with Ruger taking to his twitter page to throw a very heavy shade at BNXN for ‘forcing his songs down people’s throats’ and spending much to promote his music through ads and influencers.

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The ‘kenkele crooner’ took to twitter to respond saying ” be organic or get the fuck out of my face “. He also added that there’s nothing wrong by promoting songs through adverts.

BNXN tweeted, “Be organic or get the fuck out of my  face!!. How you got a million views and less than 5k on spotify? Are you whining me? you’re top of the charts and you’re not chocking me in the streets like Asake? just tiktoks?  Are you silly?” He added, ” Never faked it a day in my life !! on my mother!! Nothing forced! You like it or you don’t!! That’s how music should be!!

“How i know i’m a better writer and lyricist than any of you flukes it’s cause i’ve worked with the SAME producers and they can tell the difference!! easy work!! ask around! Dey show workings!”

“Ask why the OG prefer the boy. cause they coulda called your mans. real musicians over label budget.

bnxn buju and ruger clash over shade

BNXN then went ahead to say  Ruger has never headlined any big event center in nigeria.

We know why you haven’t headlined any venue at all since you came in the game, not balmoral, not Eko hotel, not muri okunola, not even your father’s compound or should we leave the country… no headline anywhere? and you’re topping the chart? Are we idiots.

i’ll see you tomorrow, i’m pissed Fake Fake everything.

responding to buju’s tweets, Ruger wrote “Buju baby all i need from you now is simple. i need you to list just five songs of yours that’ll make your crowd go crazy at your shows and i’ll list mine. No features, just your sons buju baby i’m waiting”.



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