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How do you eat swallow

How do you eat swallow ( Team Ibile Vs Team Posh)

Let’s find out how you eat “swallow” shall we?
The swallow is quite a popular type of food in Nigeria, the meal is known to originally be eaten with clean hands but over time an invention emerged whereby the swallow will be gulped down with cutlery, yes…cutlery! and of course a whole lot of Nigerians find this strange because that is not the way it’s done…
There is no specific reason why this was adopted but either ways, there are some Nigerians who fall into this category, we have:
1.the popular Nigerian slay mamas and friends trying to form “posh” because they never want to be caught unfresh.


2 the copycats, they see others eating swallow with cutlery and they want to join in because they don’t want to feel left out…(knowing fully well eating swallow with cutlery is not their style) just be your self lol.


The list goes on and on……….

But I have to make a confession, I eat my swallow with cutlery for reasons best known to me, but I have to admit eating swallow with your hand is best because it surprisingly makes the dish more satisfying and sumptuous! Butttttttt I can always switch to using my hands anyday…anytime!…I have learned to master both.

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The point of this poll is…there are people who only eat swallow with cutlery and there are others who eat swallow with their bare hands…we want to know youuuuu.


So take this poll

Team With cutlery(team posh)
“Yasssssss that’s how we roll in this lagursssssss”!


How do you eat swallow


Team Without cutlery(team ibile)
“Street ti take over”!

How do you eat swallow

Team With cutlery/without cutlery (Team We Movee)

What team do you belong?
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How do you eat SWALLOW FOOD (Ibile Vs Posh)

How do you eat SWALLOW FOOD

How do you eat swallow
Note if the other answer is filled, it will be considered as a vote and will ignore the checked answers.

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